Jul 29, 2011


Kite kan dah lama guna Malaysia, jadi kenapa nak bagi nama team bola sepak kita Harimau Malaya pulak?

Heheheh... Konpem ramai daripada korang yang tanya kan....

Penyelesaiannya tersangatlah mudah.

Tanya Pakcik Gugel. Cer korang taip Harimau Malaysia. Apa yang korang jumpa?


Cer taip Harimau Malaya pulak. Sure korang jumpe mende nih.....

Ala tomei.. tomei....
Gamba kat atas adalah Harimau Malaya atau nama carut nya Panthera tigris malayensis . Humang aih. Tergeliat lidah aku nyebutnyer. Nama kampung nyer Harimau Belang. Heh. Giler kampung nama. harimau ini hanya ada di Semenanjung Malaysia saje yer....

Jadi, Sempena nama harimau inilah, pasukan bola sepak kita dinamakan Harimau Malaya. (Eh, harini adalah Tiger's Day la.....). Selain daripada nama skuad bola sepak kita, kalau korang pandai, kat mana lagi lambang rimau ni digunakan?

Pandai..... Maybank guna kan? Itu je la korang tau, nampak sangat hari-hari dok ngadap mesin ATM kua kan duit. Cheh.

Proton pun guna jugak, pastu, Jata Negara kan ada rimau dua ekor dok posing melentok sakan sambil angkat kaki sebelah tuh?

P/S: group Pakbelang kat Yahoo! tu boleh kira tak?

Jul 28, 2011


Some mommies out there found out that they are preggy, but are not sure when is their due date.

Well, there are two methods, one is by calculating it by entering your first day of your last period in due date calculator, or in case you don't remember you last menstrual date, you may visit your midwife's to do ultrasound and it will tell you your due date according to your baby's size.

Here's pregnancy calculator for you, to calculate your happy day. Good Luck.

Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

Jul 27, 2011


This week will be my last day in my current workplace, and I will be back to my previous workplace in JPA.

Nothing much to say, just hoping that I've made the right choice to accept PBU's offer last week.

I always follow my own heart, and hopefully this decision is the best for me, my career, and my family.

Goodbye AADK, hello again JPA.

Only God knows how I miss JPA, my frens over there, my routine (having lunch wif hubby, my aerobic classes, shop, shop, shop at SPA every Friday, owh my....). And I think this is a great chance for me, as my baby will be born on Mar 2012 and I plan to fully breastfeed her.
Thank you Allah, for hearing my prayers. Thank you hubby, for always be there for me, through my ups and down.

Jul 13, 2011


Went to above talk session wif hubby, given by our own world class celebrity chef, Datuk Redzuawan Ismail a.k.a. Chef Wan in INTAN this morning.

The talk was very inspiring, as he shared his journey to become World's Best Celebrity Chef. Here's a few things that i managed to jot down while listening to his interesting story about his life, his hardships and how he manage to raise his two kids and at the same time, pursue his dreams.
  • Success is all about achieving your dreams. Success is doing wonderful things in life, and respecting others.
  • Learn to share. Everything.
  • Be yourself, do whatever you want, what ever you are comfortable with.
  • Learn to adapt your enviroment, then you'll be happy.
  • His mantra - Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.
  • Learn to love yourself before love others
  • Be whatever you want to be, but be the best.
  • To be a leader, you have to be honest, and work with quality people.
  • Stop blaming other people, start to look into yourself.
  • Always believe that you are the chosen one, so give your best.
  • Sedekah.....
So, here's a token that I got from the half day talk.... Need to show this pix to my boss, as a prove that I really attended this talk. Hehehehe...

Jul 8, 2011


Went to Datuk Dr Hamid Arshat's Clinic yesterday for 1st scan.

And given Duphaston (because of my miscarriage history on my 2nd pregnancy), Vitamin E, Habatus Sauda and Folic Acid, of course.

So please meet our love...

Did you notice her estimated due date? I didn't at first, but my husband did.

The next scan will be on this coming 27th. Can't wait to see her grow :)


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