Aug 25, 2010


Petanda Petandanya Adalah :-

1) sukar hendak tidur di waktu malam dan sering terjaga di waktu tidur.

2) Badan terasa berat dan malas.

3) rasa berdebar debar apabila waktu senja

4) Badan terasa bisa-bisa/gatal.

5) Sakit/takut ketika ziarah orang meninggal.

6) Sukar tidur malam.

7) Sakit pinggang tanpa sebab.

8) Sakit dada bila waktu asar keatas.

9) Mimpi melihat binatang seperti ular dan binatang berbisa.

10) Bermimpi bayi/kanak-kanak atau menyusukan bayi.

11) Bermimpi jatuh dari tempat tinggi.

12) Bermimpi di tempat yang kotor.

13) Sakit anggota badan tertentu seperti kaki,tangan selepas waktu asar.

14) Ada terasa benda bergerak dibawah kulit.

15) Bayi kerap menangis.

16) Bunyi guli jatuh diatas syiling.

17) Kemesraan suami isteri makin jauh berkurangan dan kerap bertengkar.

18) Tanda-tanda lebam di peha kaki apabila bangun pagi.

19) Semakin berkurangan mengerjakan solat/Malas beribadat.

20) Kerap mendengar sesuatu bisikan.

21) Panas baran.

22) Sikap berubah secara mendadak.

23) Gelisah dan panas ditengkuk bila dengar al-quran.

24) Suka melakukan tabiat buruk.

25) Kerap sendawa bila mendengar al-quran.

26) Melihat jin secara terus.

27) Gagal melakukan hubungan kelamin.

28) Mengantuk bila dengar al-quran.

29) Bermimpi seram yang menakutkan.

30) Darah haid tidak teratur.

31) Batuk yang berpanjangan tanpa sebab klinikal.

32) Selalu ditindih ketika tidur.

33) Kuat berangan.

34) Berdiri serta berjalan ketika tidur tanpa sedar.

35) Nafsu seksual yang melampau.

36) Selalu melihat kelibat dirumah.

37) Terasa diri selalu diperhatikan/diekori.

38) Sakit kepala,mata berpinar, sakit macam-macam tetapi apabila pergi jumpa doktor, doktor kata takde apa2, normal.

39) Tetiba bau busuk dalam rumah kemudian hilang, begitu juga bau wangi tetiba datang dan kemudian hilang begitu sahaja.


Today,  fly the Jalur Gemilang campaign are held at JPA's lobby.

The hoisting of the Jalur Gemilang has always invoked a deep sense of pride and patriotism for JPA's member. Standing among the crowd, singing Malaysia's national anthem, Negaraku makes me really proud of myself by being a Malaysian citizen, living in peace and harmony country....

The ceremony started by the arriving of Director-General of Public Service Malaysia, Dato' Sri Abu Bakar Haji Abdullah and everybody sang national anthem, Negaraku and ended by sticking Jalur Gemilang window sticker at all PSD Director's car.

Selamat Menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan Ke-53 Malaysiaku Tercinta!!!!

"1Malaysia Generates Transformation"

-Mama Adwa-

Pictures from En Rahman and my own collection.Pls dont mind the dates on pix. Camera setting error  :D

Aug 21, 2010


Vote for Adwa!!!

1. Click link below

Anakku Comel Collection then LIKE the page.

2. Click on Adwa's picture, or just click here to vote by clicking LIKE on his picture.

Please vote for Adwa yer....

Aug 19, 2010


Dear Mr Flu and Miss Cough,

It's been already 3 days since both of you arrived. Please go away. You both are uninvited and makes my life miserable.

When you both are around, it may lead to development of bronchitis, which I got em' since I was 23. But luckily it was acute bronchitis. But still, it will makes me live in misery.

When Mr Bronchitis is around, I will lose my appetite. It may lead to slimmer silhouette ( I lose weight real bad when I got bronchitis). And it will be sleepless night because I was too busy coughing to relief my throat itchiness. I will feel uncomfortable. Continued forceful coughing may makes my chest sore badly.

It's Ramadhan, please let me do my ibadah in peace, and let me get enough rest at night and I would really appreciate if you kindly pack your belongings and leave.

Yours truly,
Mama Adwa.


I'm here alone (not actually, I was in bed with my lil' ones sleeping in his cot) on my bed. Hubby is not around, attending PPTD's buka puasa at INTAN Kiara with orphanage from N9.

I must confess that I felt really lonely when hubby is not around. He talk a lot, and I could not imagine a day without him. Cepatla balik sayang.... Boring la sorang-sorang nih... Makan pun tak best sorang-sorang...

Aug 17, 2010


It's been a while I am away from that little fella's story. Time pass me by real fast, and now it's been 10 months since I gave birth to Adwa.

Starting my updates on Adwa's development by telling you guys that last Sunday Adwa had a little accident at home. He fell from our bed. It happens when both of us took a nap (really????) after Subuh and he was sleeping between us on the bed as always. I don't know what happen, but I'm pretty sure that he was asleep and hugging his Abah when I fell asleep. Then I heard a sound 'gedebuk' following by Adwa crying out loud, on the floor, in pain. His lips was bleeding and swollen, with few scratches on his upper lips and his nose. Oh poor Adwa... Both me and his Abah was really upset for what happened, and Adwa was rushed to nearest clinic in Presint Diplomatik but unfortunately none of them are operate since it was too early in the morning. Abah Adwa decided to brought him to Az Zahrah in Bangi instead of waiting for the clinic to open.

Anxiety seems to be in our faces from Putrajaya to Klinik Az Zahrah, Bangi but not in Adwa's. The injured boy was sitting happily on my lap, playing tepuk amai-amai (clapping hands) like there's nothing happened. Haih.. Adwa... Adwa... I totally understand that he was in exploring stages right now. But please Adwa, no need to crawl excitedly towards the window panel without realizing the danger waiting for you sayang...

So, here's a pix of Adwa the Explorer (Yeay! Mama got a new name for you!) after the incident. hehehehe....
Swollen lips and few scratches on his uppper lips and nose...
So, he's grown up, getting smarter day by day and he's an explorer now. He will put everything he found on the floor into his mouth, will grab-and-throw all the things that draw his attention (including Mama's handphone buruk), will object if his Abah tried to take away his toys and sleep-and-play all day long. He's developing his social skills also! He's now able to clap his both hands when he heard I sang tepuk amai-amai's rhymes and wave his hand when I said 'bye-bye'. He will automatically say wow! when he saw something interesting. He can repeat after me a few words like mmpuuu which means lampu (lamp), kaaah (cat) and bird. Baby do amazing things you know.

Adwa... Adwa... Please be extra careful next time ya. Don't just simply crawl around. Or you want me to send you to Petronas Streetsmart programme n learn how to crawl safely? Luckily you did not lose your front tooth :D Kurang hensem nanti looo.....


HARGA RM85.00/pc
excluding postage

Postage charge RM7 (WM)/ RM10 (EM)

Krim Twist Cantik
Size : L (cutting kecil)
Labuh : 54"

Ungu Twist Cantik
Labuh 52"
Free Size

Kuning Muda Bunga
Labuh 52"
Free Size

Ungu Bidadari
Labuh 52"
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Biru Muda Bunga
Labuh 53"
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Hitam Bunga
Labuh 53"
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Aug 16, 2010

WHAT IF....?

  • What if one day you found out that your spouse still remembering his/her sweet moments with his/her ex?
  • What if one day you found out that your spouse trying to search his/her long lost love in Facebook?
  • What if one day you found out that your spouse still keep in touch with his/her Ex?
  • What if one day your spouse told you, "Honey, do you remember Minah/Mamat? I've invited her/him with his spouse to have dinner with us...."
I've created a poll, make sure you check it out ;) let's see.....

Aug 14, 2010


People said, if you get a chance, take it. Live life to the fullest, because life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets. Hmmm..... I guess i'm facing the most critical moment in life, where I have to decide my future in 3 days and I have to make a decision on Monday. My husband give me full support, but my heart felt reluctant to accept the offer, since Adwa still small and need my full attention. What should I do now? Should I accept the offer, or leave it?

Shall I try?

Aug 12, 2010


Hey girls and mummies!! (and not to forget, daddys.....)

Lycra Jubah are open for pre order now!

Lots of beautiful patterns to choose @ reasonable PRICE !

Happy shopping!

1st batch of pre order


nEw UpDaTe!!! (Items tagged SOLD OUT means no stock)

MYanti 08 (RM85.00)

Material : Lycra Korea
FREE Size ( Sesuai utk S,M,L,XL )
Labuh 53inch

Biru Jalinan Kasih

Bunga-Bunga Cinta

Cantik Jelita

Hijau Comel

Merah Bunga Penuh

Pink Sweet

Si Jantung Hati

MHuda 09 (RM85.00) 

Material : Lycra Korea
FREE Size ( Sesuai utk S,M,L,XL )
Labuh 53inch

Biru Ungu Jalur

Ungu Jalur Pelangi

 MSABRINA 01 (RM85.00) 

Material : Lycra Korea
FREE Size ( Sesuai utk S,M,L,XL )
Labuh 52inch

Pink Idaman

Bunga Indah (SOLD OUT)

Koleksi MLisda (RM85.00)
Material : Lycra Korea
FREE size ( suit for all sizes S,M,L,XL )
54inch length

Biru Kelabu

Biru Polos

Hitam Bunga Tanjung

Coklat Muda Abstrak

Hijau De Tiara

Coklat Diraja (SOLD OUT)

Krim Twist Cantik

Merah Polos

Ungu Idaman Mama (SOLD OUT)

Ungu Manis Merah

Ungu Pilihan Mama

Koleksi Malia (RM85.00)

Material : Lycra Korea
FREE size ( suit for all sizes S,M,L,XL )
53inch length

Biru Muda Bunga

Coklat Berbunga

Hijau Seri Bunga (SOLD OUT)

Pink Seri Sarawak

Ungu Seri Langka (SOLD OUT)

Koleksi MHaizi 08 (RM85.00)
Material : Lycra Korea 
FREE size ( suit for all sizes S,M,L,XL )
53inch length

Biru Klasik (SOLD OUT)

Biru Sonata (SOLD OUT)

Oren Muda (SOLD OUT)

MHaizi Ungu Seri Langka (SOLD OUT)

Koleksi Mzara (RM85.00)
Material : Lycra Korea 
FREE size ( suit for all sizes S,M,L,XL )
53inch length

Mzara Oren Muda (Cotton)

Mzara Biru Sonata

MLiana 05 (RM85.00)
Material : Lycra Korea 
FREE size ( suit for all sizes S,M,L,XL )
53inch length

Biru Jalinan Kasih

 Pink Bunga Cantik

Koleksi MSHIMA 10 (RM85.00)
Material : Lycra Korea 
FREE size ( suit for all sizes S,M,L,XL )
53inch length

Hitam Klasik (SOLD OUT)

    Aug 9, 2010


    Brain reboot;
    Memory reprogrammed;
    Motherboard replacement;
    Installing new Operating System;

    Aug 6, 2010


    Ramadhan is coming... A month after that will be Syawal, which will cost me a lot of $$$ to spend. Since Bajet 2011 will be spread out in September (I guess?) so there will be no bonus before Raya then. I'm desperately in deed to find extra pocket money before Hari Raya to pay all the expenses (kuih raya, baju raya, dan duit raya for the kids).  Any ideas how to make extra money with a minor cost and time spent? Lalalalaa....Sewing beads? Naa... Took a lot of time. Bake cookies? Naa.. I've tried it before and it did not work. Loser. Selling tudung, baju raya.... Nope, lots of rival. Ehm... Hmm... not really a good idea. I guess I'm not a business minded women huh? Argh!!!! Need to crack my head to find brilliant ideas for the sake of my own pocket, hehehehe....


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