Jan 22, 2015

3rd Molar Removed

The surgery was done on January 14th and todate, I'm still in pain. Yup. 8th day post surgery and I'm still on my painkiller. Dah tua.. recovery may takes time lah kan. Puih. Hehe..

The surgery was performed at Klinik Kesihatan Putrajaya (I was informed it was supposedly done in Pakar Bedah Mulut, HPJ???). Sib baiklah 3rd molar ado kiri kanan jek. Kiri dah buang tahun 2007. Now kanan lak and the pain was like nak tumbuk muka orang. Kahkah. 

First two days I can't barely talk, eat or do anything besides sleeping all day long with ice pack on my face. Minum susu ajelah. And I lose 2kgs yabedabeduuu.. I was given 3 days MC (mana cukup, 8 hari pun sakit lagi weh) but on my second day dah mengada nak berkepit with husband sana sini.

Yesterday went back to clinic for STO, and the lobang was big as a size of a pea. Whoaaa.. Tried to sip air sejuk and i can feel the sharp pain (read, as you have a sensitive tooth) the moment that air sejuk masuk dalam lubang tu pergh.

OK serik dah to perform any dental surgery. Kthanxbai.

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