May 22, 2014

Gifts for siblings


Having a new baby around can be tough on older siblings, especially kids under 5 who are used to having lots of attention from Mom and Dad. So we think by buying them gifts will make them feel important, too. 

We used to buy gift for Adwa when Aaryan was born. And we are planing to do the same for Adwa and Aaryan when little sister AA will be born soon.

Hubby decided to give YBike Balance Bike for Aaryan and lucky him, we got it for free in the baby expo held last weekend in Midvalley. Tinggal bungkuskan je.

So Adwa je lah yang belum ada present. 

Note : YBikes has 4 stages and different models and it comes with different function in motor skill development

So I have considered few things for Adwa, and I have decided to buy a mini supermarket from Nurhayati online store  kat Facebook. Hey, this stuff is not for girls only okay?

Hopefully both of them are happy with the gifts.

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