Oct 6, 2013

Hmm... Hmmm... Hmmmm? Lalalalala....

My previous menstrual cycle was on 18th of August 2013. It was painful with bloodclots. I was advised by my SIL to run UPT after my cycle ends just to ensure if it was normal menstrual pain and not a miscarriage.

I did run the the test on my 9th day and the result was veeeerrrryyyyyyy faded positive line. Is there any way I am expecting even I did not missed any menstrual cycle?

Did an ultrasound at Dr Hamid Arshat's place and he told me to wait for another cycle. What? I thought I was miscarriage and now there's a small chance that I am preggy?

Yelah... Yelah... Tunggu jelah...

And a day past a month. Nope. No sign my bestie will be arriving soon.

A day before alreasy went to the nearest pharmacy. Bought the cheapest PTK (kedekut). Run the test. Wait 1 minute. Not yet. 2 minutes. Nothing.

Aik. Invalid lak ke. Tengok kotak.

"....wait for 5 minutes..."


Ahhhh... Gosok gigi dlu. Mandi. Cuci muka. Tepek krim muka.

Tengok balik PTK strip.


OK dah boleh cancel semua plan backpacking tahun depan ye Wanie.

Alhamdulillah... (intonasi Pak Hadi 'Tanah Kubur')


Shah Sulong said...

Tahniah.. hope you'll get a daughter this time.. 2 boys and a girl is a fun ride indeed :)

Mama Adwa said...

Thanks :) Hopefully Amin... Can't wait to perabih duit gaji buying pinky stuff hehehe

papaYA said...

Alhamdulillah and take care.. :)


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