Mar 18, 2010


What is Narcissism?

Well, the clinical term for narcissism is Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). Narcissism defined as a personality disorder by the National Institutes of Health, is a pattern of behaviors that show a pervasive need for attention and admiration, as well as a lack of concern or empathy for others.

In the workplace, narcissists tend to be successful and goal-oriented, with no concern for others who get in their way. They feel a need to control co-workers, projects and situations around them, and they can be manipulative, spinning situations and facts to make it appear that others around them are the problem, not them.

Narcissists often display the following traits at work:

* Arrogant and self-centered, they expect special treatment and privileges.

* They can be charismatic, articulate and funny.

* They are likely to disrespect boundaries and the privacy of others.

* They can be patronizing and critical of others but unwilling or unable to accept criticism or disagreement.

* Likely to be anxiety-stricken or paranoid, they may exhibit violent, rage-like reactions when they can't control a situation or their behaviors have been exposed.

* They are apt to set others up for failure or pit co-workers against one another.

* They can be cruel and abusive to some co-workers, often targeting one person at a time until he quits.

* They may need an ongoing "narcissist supply" of people who they can easily manipulate and who will do whatever they suggest—including targeting a co-worker—without question.

* They are often charming and innocent in front of managers.

As you might imagine, narcissists can be highly disruptive to a workplace, creating a traumatic environment with high turnover. Eventually the narcissist is caught in action enough times that he is fired, but this does nothing to change his behavior or protect the organization from other narcissists.

Mama Adwa : Sasa... ko patut bersimpati dengan dia... Dia ada personality disorder...

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kowneysa said...

should i? huh..funny ker? technically tk nk tergelak tgk gelagat dia..jangan kita diberi 24 hour notice dah..huhuhuh

Mama Adwa said...

24 jam? hurm... eh... kite tak spesifik cakap pasal sapekan.. kan... sape yang ada penyakit tu sure dia yang terasa... hahahaha

Anonymous said...
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