Mar 22, 2010


Hnshhhh! Wif kembang widong I'm announcing dat I was on top of the list awarded BEAUTIFUL BLOGGER AWARD in SayaBudakBaruBelajar :D TQ Neysa! I tot she gave me dat award because I'm beautiful [ I was about to thank her for dat compliment ;) ] but dat award was for my blog -lah.. Perasan you Wanie.... Hehehe...

And of course, I will blog more and more for my followers, sharing every beautiful moments (and bad one, heh) happened in my day with you guyz.... Thanx for supporting me and my blog...

So... According to Neysa's blog, I need to list down 7 things about myself... Which:

1. I love who I am, what I am and where I am now ;)

2. I have beautiful family, with loving and caring husband who loves me unconditionally, and a brilliant, cute and handsome-to-be son dats turns my world into a beautiful journey of life...

3. I have my parents and lil' brother who always be there for me whenever i need them (or when I'm not :p)

4. I have cool frens around me...

5. I am independent woman but now slowly turns to be not-so-indie... Huhuhu... (Siapalah aku tanpa mu suamiku..)

6. I am super duperly addicted in blogging. Actually I'm not disciplined enough to write in my diary, if you bought me a diary, it will only be written on first few pages, then....... Tak do maso den nak tulih lagi aih...

7. I really appreciate those ppl who care to comment in my post, and by that I knew that I've shared sumthin with you guyz... So keep on commenting ;)

Also dedicating dis award for:

~ Neysa (You go girl!)
~ Yaya
~ Akmal
~ As
~ Abah Adwa (what happened? Just few entries only sayang?)
~Adawiyah Hairuni

Please, please, please (macam lagu Aliff Satar lak,heh) keep on writing and share your day with me :) I would love to see the world through your eyes, guyz!!!

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